The History and Theory group is happy to announce the 2011-12 series of discussions on the theme of: Techniques and Affects of Economy.

This series has a workshop format — where lively discussion is based on precirculated papers. We have an exciting line-up of speakers so far:

September 23, 12-2pm: Tim Mitchell (Columbia University), “Future Measures” and “The Prize from Fairyland.” This discussion corresponds with his Geography and Planning Intersections and Bousfield Series lecture, on Sept.23, 4-6pm.

October 6, 4-6pm: Diane Nelson (Duke University), 100% OMNILIFE: Health, Economy, and the End/s of War.”

November 10, 4-6pm: Warwick Anderson (University of Sydney), Objectivity and its Discontents.” This discussion corresponds with his public lecture, put on by the Centre for the Study of the United States, on Nov. 9, 4-6pm.

January 13, 4-6pm: Malcolm Thompson (University of Toronto), Foucault, Fields of Governability, and the Population-Family-Economy Nexus in China.

February 10, 12-2pm (co-sponsored with CSAS – register online here): Ishita Pande (Queens University), “Coming of Age: Body, Number and Child Protection in Late Colonial India.”

March 8, 4-6pm: Celia Lury (University of Warwick), “Self-evaluating Media: The Making of Middles.”